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Monarch International Institute for Personal Development

Cristina Cardoso

I’m Cristina Cardoso

International & BiCultural Life & Executive Coach


Personal Life and Mindset Coaching

Using my unique method called “The Alignment of the Mind/Body and Spirit”  each of my clients are different and evolve at a different pace but the approach is the same; start with the alignment of the mind because in the mind is where everything starts.

Finance Managment

I will be using a proven method that I have named “The 80/20 method”  Once we get to know your debt/income we will be using this method to help you save each month and still have some spending money. You will be amazed at how well this works.

Goal Setting

Learn how to set small goals that change your habits…and your life outcome.

Relationship Coaching

Learn how to have better relationships, personal, work, …everywhere that matters.

Stress Management

Learn to have a life-outlook that allows you to handle situations that arise, …without STRESS!

Career Advice

Goes hand-in-hand with relationships, but takes it a step further to advance your career outcome.

What Is A Life Coach?

A life coach is someone who can help you to figure out what are the obstacles in your life and help you to make a plan to get around them, or make them go away. A life coach helps you figure out how to use your gifts and qualities to make changes in your life that will help you change direction. A life coach can help you make progress when you feel like you are stuck and don’t know what to do about it. A life coach is a professional who has a gift to guide others out of negative situations and into positive ones. Life coaches can work in many different areas of your life, for example:

  • Addiction and sobriety coaching
  • Business, executive, and leadership coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Dating and relationship coaching
  • Diet and fitness coaching
  • Divorce coaching
  • Family life coaching
  • Financial coaching
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Life skills coaching
  • Mental health coaching
  • Spirituality coaching
  • Sports coaching

In addition to being a life coach, I am what is considered to be a “transformational mindset coach.”  So. What is that you ask? Well, as a TRANSFORMATION MINDSET COACH, I also can help you with :

  • Releasing your limiting beliefs.
  • Help you with overcoming challenges.
  • Help you with discovering your purpose.
  • Help you with determining and fulfilling your dreams.
  • Help you to Experience major breakthroughs in all areas of life!

We do this by CHANGING YOUR MINDSET. And I am VERY good at it. 🙂

I also do Executive Coaching. What is THAT you ask?

The purpose of Executive Coaching is to work closely with managers and leaders to:  Interpret valuable feedback, identify challenges and opportunities in the work and/or business environment by asking thought-provoking questions, acting as a sounding board, and facilitating learning which will in turn enhance one’s ability to communicate effectively and in-turn, coach others. Executive Coaching provides needed critical support and feedback to help managers and leaders set goals, create action plans, and enhance both their own performance, as well as that of those they are responsible for supervising.


Monarch International Institute For Development LLC BBB Business Review

Who Is Coaching For?

Having a life coach is for anyone who wants another perspective, …when you realize that your way isn’t working anymore. It’s for anyone who wants to make POSITIVE changes in their life, but doesn’t know WHAT those changes need to be. It’s for anyone who wants a different perspective. If you fit in any of these categories, a life coach could very well be for you:


  • easily irritable
  • depressed, can find anything positive
  • struggling with your personal finances
  • lack of fulfillment in ANY area of your life
  • STUCK at your job, unhappy, and not advancing
  • high levels of stress or anxiety
  • blocked creativity, can’t see new possibilities any longer

Other Types of Coaching Available

In addition to these main types that people generally want, I am also available to do other types of coaching that are often useful. These are:

1:1 Coaching: This popular format allows me to coach someone online, in-person, over-the-phone, etc., anywhere in the world!

Group Coaching: The second and most popular, where multiple people join a group over the course of a set period of time (twelve weeks, six months, three months, etc.). Usually, everyone meets once a week, and the group supports and learns from each other along their coaching journey.

Live Events: A live onstage event is an incredible opportunity to work with people in person, speak in front of crowds, and help more people at once. This is also a great transition format for people to go into 1:1 or group coaching.

~For Any size Business Owners

By supporting leaders and monitoring progress over time, coaches are able to help grow careers and transform individuals and entire organizations

Team Building Events: The purpose of team building activities is to motivate the employees or family members to work together, to develop their strengths, and to address any weaknesses. So, any team building exercise should encourage collaboration rather than competition. Be sure to incorporate team building into your workplace routines and practices.

This is done utilizing the Six Elements of Team Building:

  1. Clarity – This Element will help you see how clear your employees’ behaviors are and if they are doing the assigned tasks as expect.
  2. Trust – This Element will allow you to evaluate, how confident your employees feel, with their skills and character.
  3. Job Satisfaction – This Element will help you evaluate how happy and satisfy your employees are about doing their job.
  4. Commitment to the Organization – This Element will help you determine how attach or loyal are your employees to your organization.
  5. Motivation – This Element helps you see how motivated your employees are to get the job done, go above and beyond without expectations and if they are self-motivated or if they need their leader to daily motive them. 
  6. Empowerment – How much freedom to self-organize, self-perform is within the employees to get done what’s expected from them without reminders and at the same time, they are ready to empower others,

What is The Process Like?

The process varies, depending on what type of coaching you are looking for. But they all start out the same, with a friendly greeting and casual conversation/consultation. During this time we will see if both of us want to go further or not. There is no committment at this point, it’s very non-threatening and non-confrontational. At the very least, even if you don’t choose the service, you still may learn something about yourself, so there’s no reason not to check it out.

1. Initial (1st/first) Meeting or Consultation
in the first meeting when we get together, I cover the process more in-depth, and basically we just chat. We find out a little about each other, I might ask about different area of your life, or really just let you talk about you think the reason came is. It’s just a very casual conversation you would like you whoever you meet for the first time. At the end of the conversation (which has no time limit but usually runs like an hour or so) We discuss if we both think we can go forward with a longer commitment. This is an important part of the coaching process for both of us. If either one of us doesn’t feel completely comfortable with the other, the result will not be ideal and a commitment would likely not be favorable or advised.
2. Commitment
This can be either the first or the second meeting. But, if at the end of the initial consultation we both decide to move forward, then I will ask you if you are going to be willing to make a 7 month commitment to the coaching relationship, and to weekly meetings. We will discuss the agreement and we will both sign it. We will also decide at this point, very near the beginning of our relationship when we form this commitment, “HOW” we will be meeting, as during this environment with Covid, I want everyone to feel safe. and so we will decide HOW we want to meet, whether it is in-person, cell phone, or some other type of video call/conference. I will make whatever environment makes my clients feel the most safe.
3. Weekly meetings, Initial Determinations
From here on out what happens depends a lot on what exactly I coaching you for. But similar to any counseling environment (it’s not counseling, but it is similar) we will set goals, usually very small to start, Before we begin the “changing” process, we will ‘together’ identify what exactly needs changing. We will come up with a list of questions that need to be answered. And we will both agree on and come up with this list together.
4. Continuing meetings, Background Gathering
Once we both commit to a list of questions we will converse and go over them and try to gather some “life” background. The purpose of life background is to collect and understand the client’s childhood traumatic events, family dynamics, employment situation and environment, present living situation, and most importantly, YOUR future goals. All of this will happen slowly and casually over time. It won’t happen all in 1 meeting. As we meet, our list may change, we may complete some items, and add new ones.
5. Monitoring, Accountability, and Celebration
As we proceed and progress, we both will be together monitoring your achievements, and possibly even failures (but we hope not). I will create a progress report. I keep clients accountable for their self-commitments, their actions, and together we will celebrate their accomplishments. I consider every accomplishment significant and important, and I can’t tell you how we will celebrate them, because that is a surprise. But I keep my clients motivation. Motivation is HUGE part of what I do. If I told how I did that, I would give away business secrets. 🙂

About Me

I am Cristina Cardoso, Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Monarch International Institute for Personal Development, LLC.

I live in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, California. I love sports, vegan food as much as I love traveling, I am a proud mother of two amazing humans and a grandmother of a handsome little boy.

My passion and my mission for coaching developed while working for the Santa Barbara School District for 16 plus years.

In 2013 I worked in a Junior High School, as an Administrator Assistant, and working around teens is where my coaching passion was born.

Seeing and hearing the teens struggle with self-esteem issues, breakups, self-harming, and feeling misheard and misunderstood, reminded me of my teen years, feeling invisible and misunderstood as well, it made me realize that I had a mission to do, I needed to be of support for these girls who were suffering and finding other outlets to cope with their feelings and “dramas” as many adults would call it.  I asked the Administrator for permission to host an after-school girls support group, as volunteer work, she accepted, and I become the mentor/coach of a group of 20 girls.

My mission was to become the mediator and advocate between the girls, their parents, and society, closing the gaps of miscommunication.  The teens learned how to effectively communicate their feelings, their needs, and wants, but most importantly “how to love and value themselves” learning and growing with them become my passion and my life calling, and the Idea of MIID, LLC was born.


A Few Extra From LinkedIn (we have reviews all over the place)

LinkedIn Reviews

Cristina came into my life during a difficult time in which I couldn’t help myself. The way she teaches and guides is priceless, she will help you to become a better version of yourself, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and health-wise. She will help you to become better in all areas of your life. I will forever be grateful for her help, she helped build a strong independent woman, better sister, and now becoming a mother. Cristina has been through all the big changes in my life and has been able to help me through those changes. Whoever gets her guidance is in great hands.

Much Love

G. Suarez

“Cristina is one of the most awesome people I’ve met in a long time. She is always up-beat, cheerful, and tends to motivate me in a very positive manner. I can be a little “depressive” as my work tends to keep me as more of an ‘introvert’ …but Cristina can work with that, and she accepts all my quirks just as I am, no judgement. You won’t find anyone more qualified in what she does.”

IT Consultant - Web Developer, Everything I.T.

The experience we had with Cristina has been life-changing.  Not only for our son who was a teen at the time but for the family.  He was a kid in danger of going down the wrong path in life and not graduating from high school.  Her life coaching skills got him on the best track ever.  He enrolled in a military school program where he successfully got his GED.

Cristina even coached him on the financial side of life.  He’s been able to purchase a car.  Not the car that he could afford, the car he wanted.  He has a great job that he loves and he’s become a fine young man.  To this day, we highly recommend Cristina.  Not only was she there as a coach, but she is also still here as a great kind-hearted friend.


“Cristina Cardoso is an ally to have on your side as she has stood next to me during a difficult transition in my previous occupation, she does everything with Compassion and Dedication to her profession. Cristina Cardoso continues to provide quality performance to each and every one of her clients. ”

Attn: Mariana C.

I had weekly check-in appointments with Cristina when I was struggling with anxiety. She suggested various techniques to help me in my struggle with my anxiety. She was a very resourceful coach and she was able to direct me in the proper manner when I needed financial advice as well, which was one of the sources of my anxiety. Thank you Cristina! You are truly a blessing for our community! ❤
Maggie Flores


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